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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Would-be terrorist blames zionist Jews....

Who else???
A wanna-be terrorist pleaded guilty Friday to a diabolical plan to bomb subways for Al Qaeda - ranting about "Zionist Jews" and blaming Americans for provoking attacks.

Zarein Ahmedzay also revealed that the cell led by plot mastermind Najibullah Zazi originally intended to blow city landmarks to bits but couldn't gather enough chemicals.

Although the judge urged him to stick to the details of the crime, Ahmedzay insisted on reading a passage about jihad from the Koran and making sweeping statements.

"I strongly urge the American people to stop supporting the war against Islam. It would be in their interest," he said in Brooklyn Federal Court.

"I'm thankful for myself that I did not do anything to harm anyone. But I fear someone else might do the same."

He later added: "The real enemy of this country are the ones destroying the country from within. I believe it's a special group - Zionist Jews, I believe, who run a permanent government in the United States."


Anonymous Philanthropist said...

Liberals are filled with the same hatreds as this loser, academia and the lamestream media are full of hate for Jews which signals bad times ahead for everyone.
Jews are like a canary in a coal mine, when the 'intelligentsia' fabricate rambling long-winded excuses for their hatreds then there's trouble ahead.

4:36 PM  
Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

These jihadis say this because they know the dhimmi judiciary will pay attention to their moronic rantings.

If a jihadi said to the judge, its your fault I am doing these things, no doubt the judge would throw himself on the muslim's mercy.

For now, how far is the judiciary prepared to kow-tow to the murderous locusts?

12:00 PM  

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