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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on racism...

She has a new book out called's an excerpt on racism...
"The west tends to respond to the social failures of Muslim immigrants with what can be called the racism of low expectations. This western attitude is based on the idea that people of colour must be exempted from "normal" standards of behaviour. There are many good men and women in the west who try to resettle refugees and strive to eliminate discrimination. They lobby governments to exempt minorities from the standards of behaviour of western societies; they fight to help minorities preserve their cultures, and excuse their religion from critical scrutiny. These people mean well, but their activism is now a part of the very problem they seek to solve. Their efforts to assist Muslims and other minorities are futile because, by creating the illusion that one can hold on to tribal norms and at the same time become a successful citizen, the proponents of multiculturalism lock subsequent generations born in the west into a no man's land of moral values. What comes packaged in a compassionate language of acceptance is really a cruel form of racism. And it is all the more cruel because it is expressed in sugary words of virtue."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a Medical issue where I needed a short-term aid from the Social Services dept.,except evryone I contacted had poor English skills and questioned my Application because my name and command of English imfered I was a previleged White-male born here.
I have a job during my 40 years of work and at one point I held 3 jobs,so it's a bit insulting to see how Minorities get Wefare without questions as if they deserve it and can't be self-reliant like Those-People born here.
The Social Worker was to visit my home because of my Medical problem for the mobility issue for traveling to the Office several miles away from me,it was funny because the Office down the Street was on the Voting Border's East side and thus I was told that my Postal Code meant I had to travel way down to the other Office.
I would be very insulted if the Laws were relaxed for me as if I wasn't expected to live by them as a Minority member just for my Age/Weight/Colour or any other trait to pidgeon-hole me into a Pathetic disadvantaged group.
The CBC and most MSM to head stands to avoid using the "M" word when Jihadist cells are arrested in canada.The Police Chief even held a Press Conference for the Toronto-18 Islamists to tell us the Islam had nothing to do with the Jihad.
Blair told us it was a wide swath of people from various background with a common thread of doing harm,their Faith wasn't tied to the Jihad.
Right Chief Blair,and the overt Nudity in the Pride Parade in front of little boys has noting to do with Child-Abuse or quasi-pedophilia acts that are Illegal any other day of the year.
BTW, the 2 main Welfare Offices are in non-White areas as if all white folks have jobs and don't go on welfare.
That's racists on its own,just as Mayor Miller tried to solve the Guns&Gangs issue by rolling a basket ball to dem Black yutesto destract them from selling drugs and palying B.Ball. I worker with a Black gut who swam/water skied/and didn'y play basket Ball or Hockey, so stop the racism Toronto Social workers and raise the Bar for Minorities.
Any wonder the Ontario Defecit will hit near $25 billion,just hand out money to fellow "Victims" of whitey and make Welfare a LifeStle choice.

12:20 AM  

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