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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Libby Davies says Israel has no right to exist...

She says the occupation began in 1948! She is the deputy leader of the NDP - is this the party position???


Blogger Paul MacPhail said...

Y'know, Fred, the scariest thing about Libby isn't that she's got things politically backward. Her opinion doesn't bother me, it's her logic behind it. I find it strange that during these last few years I've yet to find a reporter that understands that Israel is following a series of steps to resolve the Middle East crisis intelligently. Step 1: Separation from the antagonizers (the barrier wall). Step 2: Remove the outside influence (removing rockets and other weapons from the neighbors, via blockade). 3: Give everybody time to cool off and re-evaluate their opinions. It seems like Libby wants Israel to skip steps 1 & 2 and go right to 3. It won't work her way.

10:17 PM  
Blogger Thermblog said...

She lives in BC where more than 100% of the land is claimed by aboriginals.

NO Canadian can accuse Israel of "occupation since 1948" without being a hypocrite.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an ignore loser, she's the one that embraced Svend Robinosn after he was caught for stealing a it over $60'000.00. The NDP wants Ytans-fats banned yet she pounds back the junk food and burgers on our Tax dollars.
Did O hear he claim she was in Gaza?????
Hamas murder Homosexuals in public so I'd like to see her Proof she was there,and if so did she crusdade for a Pride parade in Gaza.
BTW Libby

I'm of North American Indian background and I was a victim of a Homosexual Pedophile.
SO by all means get the "F" out of my Nationnand 2nd...wake-up to the reality in Toronto under a Gay-Friendly Mayor that other victims like me face a huge fear to speak up because we get the label of Homopbobe or get mocked as a self-hating gay that made up the trauma.

You,Kathlene Wynn and Svend have all Turned-gay for Polictical gains and it's all on record,you lived with a man,Svend married a female,and Ms.Wynn left her husband to join politics
and suddenly be a lesbian.

Since all of you had lived a lie,who the hell would believe you now because you're the boy that cried Homosexual.
I'm currently filing a OHRC complaint against Toronto and the Mayor,Police Chief,jack Layton.Ms.Chow,Kyle Rae and most politicians tied to the Pride parade because they have allowed males nudity in front of little boys which is called Child-abuse and is a quasi-pedophilia.
While you may find this funny, keep in mind that people laughed when the Abolision Movement demanbded equalt Rights to slaves, plus Doctors laughed at Femelaes wanting to enter Meedical school,or how about the Judges and Lawyers laughing at the idead of females being able to Vote.

I have all the photo evidence and the Charter Sec.15 on my side,if gays,Muslims and jews got to use the CHR's for trivials issues,I'm sure the general Public will agree that Pedophiles and child abuse is not Protected as a Human Right.

Hey Libby, since you won't stand behind our troops,please stand in front of them to slow down the bullets through all those layers od fat.Don't tell me to not eat chips or a Burger while you need a Ram-Rod and 200 lbs of Tallow to get you through a doorway.

12:39 AM  
Blogger L said...

Perhaps Libby should go back to England, then, as she is occupying WAY too much air space in Canada. She has made sure in her entire career that the downtown east side Vancouver as a slum. Thank god they have rearranged my ridings so that I do not get her as a rep by default. Instead, i get Hedy Fry by default.

3:50 AM  

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