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Monday, June 14, 2010

Muslim Student Assocation Suspended...

It's about time a University stood up and did something...
The Muslim Student Union at the University of California Irvine faces a one-year suspension from campus activities, four months after Muslim students disrupted a campus speech by Israel’s ambassador to the United States.

A UC Irvine investigation found that the Muslim Student Union violated policy by disrupting Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren's public speech and compounded the violation by lying that the group didn’t orchestrate the disruption.

UC Irvine spokeswoman Kathy Lawhon said a disciplinary committee recommends stripping the student group of its official campus status and university funding for one year. Lawhon added that the organization would have to accept probation the following year and perform 50 hours of community service for each member.

"The basis of the recommendation was that these students had been warned ahead of time that what they were planning was a violation of campus policy," she said.
And, for those of you who can't remember the it is...


Blogger Hoarfrost said...

They follow a man called Mohamed. Not God.

11:18 PM  

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