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Thursday, June 03, 2010

No Israeli-Palestinian Reconciliation...

Terry Glavin, one of Canada's finest journalists, looks at the prospects for peace in the Middle East...
Unilaterally evict all 9,000 Israeli settlers from Gaza for the sake of peace and the next thing you know Hamas has turned the place into a Khomeinist-sponsored crackpot statelet severed from the West Bank by a fratricidal civil war that has so far cost about 2,000 Palestinian lives. And there were still thousands of rockets being fired into Israel from Gaza every year. That’s what Israel’s mainstream doves had to show for themselves. That, and abandonment by their erstwhile counterparts in Europe and North America. “It was the total collapse of the Israeli left,” Halevi said.

Israel responded to Gaza’s rockets with Operation Cast Lead, which took at least 1,200 Palestinian lives, and outrage billowed across the globe again. Now the howls for Israel’s isolation and punishment are mounting once more with the botched and bloody interception of the latest multinational flotilla of “peace activists” bound for Gaza. As protesters in Ottawa chanted their drearily comical “From Iraq/Afghanistan to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime,” I was reminded of another voice I heard in Jerusalem.

“They show up wearing the kaffiyeh and shouting, and they just want to say Israel is bad, war crimes, apartheid, that is all. But that doesn't make you pro-Palestine,” the brave Palestinian journalist and Jerusalem Post correspondent Khaled Abu Toameh told me. “That doesn't make you pro-peace. Instead of organizing Israel Apartheid Week, they should be helping with human rights under Hamas, women's rights under Hamas. A free press.”

Toameh savours the richly bitter ironies that abound in what passes for “progressive” global activism in aid of the Palestinian cause, but is in fact in aid of Hamas. “They should bang on the table with the Palestinians instead. Produce a free media. No more incitement on Palestinian television. But they are funding the same propaganda machine that is indirectly calling for their death.”

To Sara Miller, a senior editor with Ha’aretz, Israel’s small but highly influential centre-left daily newspaper, there’s something unmistakeably sinister about the hysterical antipathy towards Israel that has become so prevalent in Europe and North America in recent years. “Something is seriously wrong. I never thought of myself as one of those Jews who would cry anti-Semitism about things like this,” she told me, “but a phenomenon crops up every 40 or 50 years. What other word is there?”

Three weeks after we spoke, it was all but impossible to pick up a newspaper anywhere in Europe or North America that did not describe the debacle aboard the Mavi Marmara as anything less than a bloody assault launched by the Israeli Defence Forces in order to prevent peace activists from delivering much-needed humanitarian supplies to the desperately oppressed people of the besieged Gaza Strip, whose sufferings are solely the fault of Israel.

There’s no lack of cause to slag off Israel for the blockade. Cutting off Gaza has meant a lot of suffering among ordinary people there. But neither is there a lack of evidence that the Foundation for Human Rights & Humanitarian Relief (IHH), the Turkish charity that partnered with the Cyprus-based Free Gaza Movement to launch the flotilla, has a history of shadowy ties with some of the world’s most bloodthirsty terrorists. The IHH is openly affiliated with Hamas, and is also part of an umbrella coalition headed by Muslim Brotherhood leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who says suicide bombing is wrong except when it targets Israelis, and even pregnant Israeli women are fair game.

You have to look hard to find these facts reported anywhere unless they are presented as merely claims that Israel is making, but you will spend a much longer time looking for any reports at all that reveal just what the flotilla’s other big sponsor, the Perdana Global Peace Organization, is all about.

The New York Times disclosed that Perdana helped the Free Gaza Movement buy two yachts and a cargo ship for the flotilla, but even the Times noticed only that Perdana "describes itself on its Web site as opposed to war."

Perdana’s founder and guiding light is the deranged former Malaysian strongman Mahathir Mohamad, who was harping on about “hook-nosed” Jews as far back as 1970. Up to the days immediately before his retirement in 2003 he was still carrying on about how “the Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.”

Only a few months ago, Mohamad proclaimed that European Jews “had to be confined to ghettoes and periodically massacred. But still they remained, they thrived and they held whole governments to ransom ... Even after their massacre by the Nazis of Germany, they survived to continue to be a source of even greater problems for the world.”

Nice bosses these “peace activists” have found for themselves.

It’s over.
Please go to The Mark and read the entire essay.

In Canada, we've been repeatedly let down by sloppy and irresponsible journalism. But, you can always count on Terry Glavin to do some serious research and get the story.

Here's a link to Glavin's blog.


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