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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Another victory in the fight for same-sex marriage in the US....

I agree with this ruling..let the states decide for themselves...
A U.S. judge in Boston has ruled that a federal gay marriage ban is unconstitutional because it interferes with the right of a state to define marriage.

U.S. District Judge Joseph Tauro on Thursday ruled in favor of gay couples' rights in two separate challenges to the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.

The state had argued the law denied benefits such as Medicaid to gay married couples in Massachusetts, where same-sex unions have been legal since 2004.

Tauro agreed, and said the act forces Massachusetts to discriminate against its own citizens.


Blogger Hoarfrost said...

I have felt for a long time that gay cohabitation is not a problem for me or for a lot of people. My problem has been that government laws ought not to be based on who one has sex with. Government ought to get out of the marriage business altogether. All of us, Gay or Straight, need to register our domestic relationships for tax purposes only. If a church organisation wishes to extend the term marriage to a relationship it is up to them. Tax benefit status and private benefits ought to be related to the tax status and not to a church status. A church ought to be able to determine for themselves what constitutes the term marriage for themselves. If a particular church will not sanctify a union based on their creed it is their right under religious freedom. Similarly if a church or Judaic entity will sanctify that union it is up to them. As for business and their benefits program that is open for discussion and relevant laws. If I have overstepped my bounds please advise me where my comments have gone wrong. My stance is open.

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