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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hate mail from UNRWA....

This is a cross post from the Media Backspin blog (well worth reading)....
Hate mail from a UNRWA email address arrived in my in-box today. I'm omitting the first half of the email address so this person doesn't get bombarded with emails.
From: A/RAHIM, Saadi
. . .
Date: Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 10:21 AM
Dishonest reporting, That’s your true identity, and your true character. Thank God that many people; including Jews, all over the world even inside Israel, whom you like to call self hating Jews; have started to see the big lies of Zionists including yours. I wonder how many truly of those around. If you really want to be fair and honest about it, which I doubt, go back and read history with a fair and nonbiased mind.

I did some Googling, and found on LinkedIn a Saadi Rahim who works for the UNRWA -- as an officer in charge of transportation and logistics in Jordan.

What unstated big lies of the Zionists (and HonestReporting) is Mr. Saadi Rahim referring to? These?

UNRWA: Perpetuating the Misery
UNRWA Knew Camp Was Infiltrated, Did Nothing
UNRWA's Hamas Employees
What Else is the UNRWA Not Telling Us?
Extracurricular Activities

More importantly, by using a UNRWA email address, he may technically be representing the UNRWA. Do Rahim's views of Zionism represent the UNRWA? What does this say about the organization Rahim works for?

Even if Rahim's views don't technically represent the UNRWA, he did use an official email address the same way Octavia Nasr had CNN written all over her tweet.


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