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Friday, July 23, 2010

Palestinian plans terrorist attack while Israeli doctors treat his daughter....

Wow..what a story!
One of the terrorists who roughly a month ago murdered police officer Shuki Sofer was designated as a “humanitarian case” just two months ago.

Here is the story: The terrorist’s six-year-old daughter required surgery to remove a tumor in her eye and was hospitalized in Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, at the expense of an Israeli non-profit organization. During his Shin Bet interrogation, the terrorist said he stayed by her bed at the hospital.

Now, imagine that the security establishment would have refused to allow the girl an entry permit to Jerusalem. Merciful human rights organizations and physicians without borders would immediately feed the media with yet another story of the indifference shown by the occupier’s government: A story about a sick Palestinian girl, concerned parents, and a military roadblock.

According to the rhetoric common around here in such cases, someone would have remarked that later we nonetheless wonder why the Palestinians hate us.

Well, the occupation authorities showed mercy to the family in question, without the intervention of the High Court of Justice or human rights group B’Tselem, and the girl was treated at the Jerusalem hospital.

Yet despite this, her father the terrorist did not manage to get rid of his hatred. According to the timeline constructed during the probe, he continued to plan the murder that he later carried out while his daughter was hospitalized.

Indeed, this is what the terrorist was preoccupied with while Jewish medical teams treated his daughter as if she was their own daughter.

Yet later the Palestinians will nonetheless wonder why we have roadblocks.


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