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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Palestinians still inciting hatred...

They're been poisoning the minds of youth for decades, no wonder peace it just not achievable...
When proximity talks started in May, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas declared that the PA would fulfill its commitments, with a special focus on stopping incitement. But the ensuing two months have brought no change in the messages being transmitted from the Palestinian Authority and Fatah to Palestinians, according to a new report by Palestinian Media Watch.

An examination of the Palestinian leaders’ statements, official media, children’s programs and PA- and Fatah-controlled events shows that the conditions, principles and expectations set by the US and the UN Quartet for accepting the PA as a peace partner continue to be violated, the watchdog group said in the report.

Contrary to the PA’s moderate statements to the West, its statements to its people in Arabic continue to delegitimize Israel’s existence, deny Israel’s right to exist, define the conflict with Israel as a religious war for Allah, promote hatred through demonization, slander and libel, and glorify terror and violence, according to PMW’s Itamar Marcus, Nan Jacques Zilberdik and Barbara Crook.

The report, which Marcus said he would be presenting to American officials in Washington on Wednesday, said that the PA continues to teach on PA educational TV that Israeli cities across the entire country, including Jaffa and Haifa, are Palestinian cities; that official PA media deny Israel’s right to exist by using terminology to refer to Israel as “the homeland occupied in ‘48”; and that the conflict with Israel is defined by PA-appointed political and religious leaders not as territorial but as ribat – a religious war for Allah.

It cited instances in which the PA’s senior religious leader demonized Jews as the “enemies of God,” and a PA TV host remarked: “The Jews are our enemies, right?” It added that the PA continues to honor terrorists, and quoted Abbas as defending “the right to return to the armed conflict,” and describing negotiations as “a tactical decision, i.e., a temporary, defensive decision.”

Elaborating on PA educational programs that deny Israel’s existence, the PMW report quoted from a documentary film that portrays Israeli cities and sites as “Palestinian” and that was rebroadcast on PA TV on June 21: “The Palestinian coast … spreads along the [Mediterranean] sea, from... Ashkelon in the south, until Haifa, in the Carmel Mountains. Haifa is a well-known Palestinian port.

[Haifa] enjoyed a high status among Arabs and Palestinians especially before it fell to the occupation [Israel] in 1948. To its north, we find Acre. East of Acre, we reach a city with history and importance, the city of Tiberias, near a famous lake, the Sea of Galilee. Jaffa, an ancient coastal city, is the bride of the sea, and Palestine’s gateway to the world.”

It also quoted from an educational PA TV quiz show on June 25, with students competing from different Palestinian universities, which included questions and answers identifying Israel as “Palestine.”

In terms of PA news reporting, the report quoted from a June 18 item in the official PA daily Al-Hayat al-Jadida, which described the Israeli Arab village Um el-Fahm as being located “in the homeland occupied in ‘48.”

It cited several other examples of the same newspaper referring to Israel with numerous euphemisms that deny Israel’s legitimacy and existence, such as: “Interior Palestine,” “occupied in 1948,” and “’48 territories.”

Noting that US President Barack Obama has called the use of maps that present a world without Israel a security threat to Israel, the PMW report stated that “all the official PA maps in offices, Web sites, in schoolbooks, and those appearing on official PA TV since the start of the proximity talks, continue the PA policy of defining all of Israel as ‘Palestine’.”

Turning to the issue of the PA denying Israel’s history, it quoted the PA Mufti, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, and several other senior PA figures, denying the Jews’ connection to the Western Wall and to Jerusalem in a series of statements.

In instances of what it called “demonization, hate promotion, anti-Semitism and libels,” meanwhile, the PMW report charged that, in June, “the PA has continued to falsely accuse Israel of intentionally spreading drugs and AIDS among Palestinians, having killed Yasser Arafat, and planning to destroy the Aksa Mosque. The PA added another accusation this month: that the Jews killed Jesus.”


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