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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Paypal, web passwords of Israelis posted on Turkish site....

Is there a cyber way going on???
Turkish hackers have obtained the passwords and credit card details of 32,561 Israeli users, the Israeli We-CMS blog says.

According to the blog, a Turkish message board has uploaded a list containing credit card details, PayPal and bank usernames and passwords. The list is also said to contain more than 140 passwords to Israeli government websites and over 300 passwords for Israeli academic web pages.

Erez Wolf, owner of We-CMS, says most of the passwords were retrieved by a hacker into an Israeli commercial website whose name he did not reveal. On his twitter page, Wolf noted that a small number of the passwords was allegedly obtained from the Israeli website. The passwords and usernames were posted in an Excel document uploaded to the Turkish board by a surfer.

Wolf added that a debate is currently raging on the Turkish board regarding what should be done with the stolen data. Some surfers claimed that the accounts must not be used or compromised, as the ultimate goal was to target Israel on the political level.

Other surfers, however, argued that as enemies of Islam, any harm to Israeli users was permitted. Some users referred to social, criminal and religious arguments and some went as far as quoting Quran passages on the assets of heretics.


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