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Friday, August 06, 2010

And, there have been other Lebanese incidents...

The Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) repeatedly aim at Israelis...
The attack on Israeli troops near Misgav Am did not come as a surprise for the army’s Northern Command. In 2009, LAF soldiers pointed their guns at IDF troops on five occasions, mostly after the Israelis crossed into enclaves that are Israeli but sit between the border fence and the Blue Line. Since the beginning of 2010, the number of times the LAF has pointed its guns at Israeli troops has climbed significantly and the Lebanese soldiers now cock their weapons as well.

The IDF has also noticed a radical shift within the LAF top command, which has increased its anti-Israel rhetoric. When this is the spirit of the top command, it is not surprising that mid-level officers, like the company commander who is positioned opposite Misgav Am, ordered his troops to open fire at the IDF on Tuesday.

The LAF today is more than 60 percent Shi’ite. Many of the soldiers openly cooperate with Hizbullah, assisting the terrorist group in hiding its activities and arms caches in southern Lebanon from UNIFIL.

For this reason, Israel is hesitant to transfer intelligence information on Hizbullah positions to UNIFIL, since the peacekeepers need to coordinate their operations with the LAF, which then leaks the information to Hizbullah.


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