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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Iran plans to fight a cyber-war..

Great news...just what we need...
Iranian officials—who have blamed the U.S. and Israel for the worm—see the attack as the latest round of a cyberwar targeting Iran. (Both Twitter and Facebook have also been cited by Iran as part of a broad effort to gather intelligence and destabilize the country.) After a number of government Web sites were hacked during the disputed 2009 presidential election—presumably by supporters of the opposition—Tehran started to fight back by forming the Iranian Cyber Army, a group linked to the Revolutionary Guards. Last year, these pro-government hackers briefly took down Twitter, and they intend to expand their targets: a Guard spokesman has said that the goal of the Cyber Army is to “conquer virtual space.” As part of that effort, 120 members of the Basij, a youth militia, were recently sent to Mashad for training in “writing weblogs, social networking, psychological operations, protection from Internet spying, mobile phones and their capabilities, Basij cybercenters and videogames that would allow penetration into virtual space.” Regardless of who created Stuxnet, it’s clear that Iran intends to fire its own shots in the cyberwar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is actually kind of cool. A couple of months ago I read a paperback novel (I forget the name) that was very similar to this.

(Note - I like !HARD science fiction - much science little fiction)

Anyhow this novel was about a game of nuclear cat& mouse with a lightly nuke armed Iran (10 warheads with workable med/long range missle delivery).

The president and cabinet were very left wing military hating elitists (sound familiar?)

And one of the bright boys in the lefty crowd decides to make himself a hero and disable Iranian defenses with a worm without informing the American military.

The Iranians catch on and the plan blows up in the administration's face and makes a terrible situation even worse.

Truth meet fiction & vice versa.

7:06 PM  

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