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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Malaysia seizes possible nuclear weapons parts...

Were these headed to Iran???
MALAYSIAN police confirmed on Thursday they have seized two containers which may contain parts used to make nuclear weapons, from a ship bound for western Asia.

'I can confirm that we have seized the containers at Port Klang but we do not know yet whether these are possibly parts to help make weapons of mass destruction or nuclear items,' national police chief Ismail Omar told AFP.

'We are waiting for a report from our nuclear agency on the parts seized before we can make any determination and investigations are still ongoing,' he added.

His comments follow a front page story in the influential Sun daily which said police had seized 'parts of an equipment believed used to make weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear warhead' from a ship about 10 days ago.

The paper said the Malaysian-registered vessel, which had arrived from China and was headed for western Asia, carried dismantled equipment parts which were listed among items subject to controlled and restricted sale by the UN Security Council and other international laws.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a gayman I can"t believe that anyone gay could ever vote for the reformcons.These group of bigots have voted against every piece of legislation that has benefited gay people for the last ten years.You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting these homophobes.You are a sorry excuse for a human being.

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