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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another false accusation against a father....

What a way to try and get a house!
Winning a dream home in a lottery was not enough to rescue a tumultuous marriage and instead the fancy digs became the focus of a messy divorce case.

In a decision published this week to an online legal database, a Saskatoon judge has determined how the home, valued at $710,000, should be divided.

Justice Geoffrey Dufour said the husband will get to buy-out the wife's interest in the home, move her out and move himself and their sons in.

The judge noted the couple had been married for 19 years but "it was stormy and punctuated by not infrequent periods of separation."

During one separation period the husband, Michael, bought a lottery ticket and won a fully furnished dream home.

The couple tried getting back together in the new place, but that did not last more than a few months.

Justice Dufour noted that the wife, Rhonda, wound up living in the 2,500 square-foot home by herself.

"Michael testified that he was forced out of the family home without warning and in a startling fashion," Dufour wrote. According to the decision, Rhonda made a complaint to police that she had been physically assaulted. That led to charges against Michael and an interim order that he stay 200 metres away from Rhonda.

When that case went to trial, Michael was acquitted.

"I can only conclude that Rhonda gave a false statement to the police," Dufour said in his decision on the divorce. "This was a very effective way to have the family home all to herself: make a false allegation of assault and have Michael charged with a criminal offence so that he would have to stay away. Neat trick. A model of efficiency."

The judge noted that while Rhonda enjoyed living in the large home, Michael and the sons slept, for a time, in sleeping bags on the family room floor at his mother's house.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity: it seems the boys live with their father. Why does she get any rights to the house? She is not the primary caretaker of her children and seems to me to have abandoned them.Usually the parent with the children get the marital abode plus financial compensation to care for the children.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Don said...

They're getting the house, but the father is required to not only buy her out, but pay alimony on top of that.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happened to me too.
The only thing a woman needs is her word and you are forced out until trial.
In my case, she was assisted by a cop friend who she had had a romantic relationship with (came out in the trial. I was told that sueing for malicious prosecution would be a waste of money.
I had to fight huge just to get shared custody of my kids. A year and a half...4 trial dates due to running out of time set a precedent. One wonders why I had the system as well as the cops.

2:00 PM  

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