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Friday, October 28, 2011

Another advertisement for myself

Yesterday I mentioned my forthcoming e-book The Marrying Kind, a collection of essays on gay-related topics.  My other forthcoming e-book is entitled Debating Islam, and it contains pieces on, not surprisingly, Islam, as well as other subjects.  A couple of excerpts:
I would never have believed on 9/11 that in 2006, most Europeans would still be surprised to learn – to pluck two examples at random – that over seven in ten immigrant women in Sweden (according to an EU study) are affected by “honor-related violence” and that Jewish children (according to a French government report) “can no longer get an education” in France because of abuse by Muslim classmates. Some law-enforcement authorities have already thrown in the towel: in 2004, Swedish police admitted they “have no control over the situation in Malmö,” a city plagued by Muslim rapes and robberies; this August, after a Muslim gang shootout in Oslo, police said they were “reluctant to crack down on the gangs out of fear for their own safety.” 
- “9/11 Five Years Later,” De Volkskrant, September 2, 2006
The last few decades in Europe have made three things crystal-clear. First, social-democratic welfare systems work best, to the extent they do work, in ethnically and culturally homogeneous (and preferably small) nations whose citizens, viewing one another as members of an extended family, are loath to exploit government provisions for the needy. Second, the best way to destroy such welfare systems is to take in large numbers of immigrants from poor, oppressive, and corruption-ridden societies, whose rule of the road is to grab everything you can get your hands on. And third, the system will be wiped out even faster if many of those immigrants are fundamentalist Muslims who view bankrupting the West as a contribution to jihad. Add to all this the growing power of an unelected European Union bureaucracy that has encouraged Muslim immigration and taken steps to punish criticism of it — criminalizing “incitement of racism, xenophobia, or hatred against a racial, ethnic, or religious group” in 2007, for example — and you can start to understand why Western Europeans who prize their freedoms are resisting the so-called leadership of their see-no-evil elites. 
- “Heirs to Fortuyn,” City Journal, Spring 2009


Blogger dmorris said...

I look forward to reading your book,but like so many today,I believe it's too little,too late.

We are woefully unprepared to resist a strong-willed and determined foe who actually HAS a belief system.

This is NOT a critique of your efforts,but a despairing belief that our governing elites are more interested in pandering to a voting block than in concepts such as "freedom".

Thus,I believe, our governments will do absolutely nothing to curtail the Muslims militant march toward a de facto takeover of our Country.

Sharia law will rule here one day,and our politicians will acquiesce as long as THEY are kept at the trough.

As more Muslims become members of the ruling elite,the situation will worsen. By then I hope the Muslims will have attained a degree of our civilization,so there won't be beheadings in the public square,just dhimmitude under strict masters.

Perhaps the streets of downtown Toronto will one day be safe to walk again.

9:17 PM  

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