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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Helga Weiss's story

Another Holocaust diary sees the light of day:

On an Auschwitz station platform in 1944, Helga Weiss and her mother fooled one of the most reviled men in modern history, Josef Mengele, and managed to save their lives. Not long into her teens, Weiss lied about her age, claiming she was old enough to work for her keep. Her mother persuaded the Nazis under Mengele's command that Helga was in fact her daughter's older sister, and she was sent to the forced labour barracks and not the gas chamber.

The story is one of many recorded in a concentration camp diary that was sold to publishers around the world at the Frankfurt book fair. The private journals of Helga Weiss are to be published in the UK for the first time next year by Viking Press, while foreign rights have been snapped up by publishing houses across the world.


Blogger dmorris said...

This is most timely.

People today have forgotten history,and the horror of that time,often calling modern day politicians with whom they disagree,"fascists" or "NAZIS".

Many activists in certain victim groups refer to their minor disadvantages as "another Holocaust",with no idea of what they are comparing their situation to.

I look forward to purchasing the book.

We need to "never forget",and also to never trivialize one of the most monstrous events in human history.

2:30 PM  

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