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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Greater Islamophilia in Norway?

According to a study for Norwegian state television, 25% of Norwegians think there are too many Muslims in Norway and that Islam is a threat to Norwegian culture. This number sounds low to me, and it also sounds low to researcher Anders Ravik Jupskås at the University of Oslo, who told NRK that he “believes the terror attacks of July 22 have had an influence on people's attitudes. I think we are facing a long-term trend of greater tolerance for other cultures.” I think the low figure is indeed a result of the atrocities of July 22 (in which an anti-Muslim maniac gunned down dozens of teenage members of Labor Party Youth), but the reason for the low figure, I would wager, is not tolerance; it's fear and insecurity – after the vicious public demonizing of Islam critics that took place in the wake of the massacre, Norwegians are understandably loath to tell pollsters what they really think about Islam.


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