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Friday, April 27, 2012

Corruption in China....

We have to ensure this corruption doesn't come to Canada....

The Chinese call it hei shehui or “black society” — a vast flourishing underworld of crime, corruption and greed that has become the most pervasive and dangerous side effect of China’s economic miracle.
It is supposed to be secret, but it is everywhere.

Officials have expensive foreign cars, endless banquets, foreign trips and generous rounds of drinks. Bureaucrats use their family connections and public influence to build private fortunes; public funds are diverted into stock and real estate speculation; farms and old apartments are illegally expropriated and resold to developers.

Factories bribe officials to get supplies; truck drivers are constantly stopped for “safety inspections” that can be avoided with a “special fine;” police officers demand money for residency permits; railway ticket sellers need extra cash to find a seat on a train and farmers give bureaucrats packets filled with money during the Chinese New Year to make sure they get enough seeds to plant their next crop.
And, don't forget our upcoming film (When China Met Africa) and panel discussion (China in Canada) in Ottawa on May 28th.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simple solution: We should let all the underprivileged Chinese immigrate to Canada where they can have free health care, housing, schooling, welfare and a load of collective rights for minorities such as protection form hurt feeling via the human rights commission and the benefits of affirmative action via section 15 of the charter.

I dare someone to disagree………I’ll call you a racist if you do!

7:29 PM  

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