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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Should Teenagers Be on Prozac?

Jeff Weise, the student who killed nine people at the Red Lake Indian Reservation, was not only on Prozac but had his dosage increased a week before the rampage. Weise was a very troubled person - he had attempted suicide once before and had written on the internet that another attempt was on the way.

But, was Prozac the answer? Thousands of boys today are on Ritalin, Prozac and god-knows-what drug. We are trying to solve anti-social behavior with drugs, and it probably does more harm than good.

The other major problem is so-called Attention Deficit Disorder Hyperactivity Disorder (ADDHD). In a large study done in two school districts in Virginia, 25% of the boys in the 4th and 5th grade were diagnosed ADDHD. 25%? How many of these normal boys went on Ritalin?

First, Ritalin for, Prozac. Who knows what is next.

Isn't time for the psychiatric industry to stop drugging boys?