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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Where are the feminists?

I guess the feminists won't be protesting this....
A leading Iranian pro-democracy and women's activist, who was jailed on trumped-up charges last year, has revealed how the clerical regime cynically deploys systemic sexual violence against female dissidents in the name of Islam.

Roya Tolouee, 40, was beaten up by Iranian intelligence agents and subjected to a horrific sexual assault when she refused to sign forced confessions. It was only when they threatened to burn her two children to death in front of her that she agreed to put her name to the documents.

Perhaps just as shocking as the physical abuse were the chilling words of the man who led the attack. "When I asked how he could do this to me, he said that he believed in only two things - Islam and the rule of the clerics," Miss Tolouee told The Sunday Telegraph last week in an interview in Washington after she fled Iran.

"But I know of no religious morality that can justify what they did to me, or other women. For these people, religion is only a tool for dictatorship and abuse. It is a regime of prejudice against women, against other regimes, against other ethnic groups, against anybody who thinks differently from them."

Miss Tolouee's account of her ordeal confirms recent reports from opposition groups that Iranian intelligence officials use sexual abuse against female prisoners as an interrogation technique and even rape young women before execution so that they cannot reach heaven as virgins.


Blogger hunter said...

That is totally disgusting, and you are right to ask, where are the feminists. They are not about helping other females, they are about helping themselves to government money. Send some of our feminists to these countries, so they can get a better idea of what they should be fighting for, as if they care.

2:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you stop bitching and do something about it yourself?

Oh, that's's always someone else's problem.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feminism became extinct years ago. Some government employees at the Universities have taken over the title of feminism, but it doesn't mean what it used to mean.

Historically the feminist movement was about expanding human rights, responsibilities and dignities to women, today the self described feminists will whine about the standard stuff any power hungry leftist group whines about.

Which explains the irrelevance of feminism to modern women.

5:45 PM  
Blogger EUGENE PLAWIUK said...

That is the dumbest header I have read in along time your misogyny is showing. This woman is a feminist, you claim feminists are not supporting her with no proof. And if you checked out some feminist blogs you would find they are defending sisters protesting Islamic fundamentalism even if they are right wing likeHirsi Ali

7:51 PM  

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