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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What horrors...she wanted to be a beauty queen...

Well, must be grounds for an honour killing!
A beauty queen finalist has dropped out of the Miss Israel competition after police discovered an honor killing plot against her.

Angelina Fares decided to withdraw from the pageant after police arrested two men from her village in northern Israel for conspiring to kill her because they believed her participation in the competition "would defile the honor of the Druze community," YNetNews reported.

Fares was the first member of Israel's Druze community to compete in the Miss Israel pageant, the newspaper said.

Sheikh Muwaffak Tarif, the spiritual leader of the Druze community in Israel, had urged Fares to remove herself from the competition.

"There are many ways to integrate into society while keeping to tradition and values," he told reporters. "If we do not preserve ourselves, the values will crumble and what will we be left with?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although honour killings are abhorrent the Druze are generally some or the nicest Arabs around. In fact, they treat their women very well, initiating them into the highest levels of their religion. They stick to themselves however and among the Muslims and Christians they have a reputation for treachery. Too bad Ms. Fares couldn't participate; Druze women have a rep for bein' smokin' hot!

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