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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ban the Precautionary Principle

If you read articles on the environment, you might notice every so often the precautionary principle. What is the precautionary principle? Here is a defintion from a major web site promoting its use:
Precaution – the “precautionary principle” or “precautionary approach” – is a response to uncertainty, in the face of risks to health or the environment. In general, it involves acting to avoid serious or irreversible potential harm, despite lack of scientific certainty as to the likelihood, magnitude, or causation of that harm.
Increasingly, in Canada, we are using this principle in a variety of ways.

A good article from the Fraser Institute examines the precautionary principle and finds it extremely dangerous.
What is the true nature of this principle? The precautionary principle is nothing but a modern tool for social engineering aimed at reducing certain types of risks through state intervention. It can be explained in two different ways. On the one hand, it means that -- in its name -- it is necessary to prove that an activity does not imply any risk for the environment in order to be allowed. On the other hand, it requires no demonstration (i.e. scientific proof) that an activity implies a risk for individuals or for the environment in order to ban it. This is what Hubert Reeves underlines in a recent article in Le Monde. As he puts it, "waiting for the scientific certainty stage to be reached in order to change the evolution of things could be suicidal."
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