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Monday, March 21, 2005

UN Bias Against Israel Has Not Changed....

Anne Bayefsky, a human rights expert and a York University Professor, spoke at the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto last week. The United Nations is the
"leading global purveyor of anti-semitism today."
Here are her main points:

o Of 41 speeches delivered at the 60th Anniversary of Auschwitz at the UN, only five mentioned Israel.

o On the same day the Anniversary session was announced, Kofi Annan announced a UN plan to create a register of Palestinian victims of the security fence.

o At the UN General Assembly last fall, 19 resolutions were passed on Israel, and only four criticizing other members.

o The UN Commission on Human Rights has adopted more resolutions condemning Israel than any other state. China, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Zimbabwe have never been mentioned.

o IN 2003, Israel failed in an attept to pass a resolution on the welfare of Israeli children....although they had already passed a resolution on Palestinian children.

o At a UN meeting on anti-semitism last June, no translation of speeches were provided, no documentation was produced, and there was no distribution of speeches.

Why was there no outcry, she asked, about Palestinians building bomb factories next to apartment buildings, launching rockets next to schools, or having summer camps that inspire children to become suicide bombers. "Why have liberal democracies been so easily manipulated?"