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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Jew-Hatred at Islamic School in Ottawa

An incredible story out of Ottawa today....two teachers at the Abraar Islamic School have been suspended for their encouragement of hatred against Jews in a young student's project.The student wrote an eight-page story of killing and martydom. The cover page had a burning Star of David besides a machine gun and a Palestinian flag atop the The Dome of the Rock.

One teacher was involved in the artistic production of the work...the other teacher wrote comments on the story, praising his story of revenge for the assassination of Hamas leader, Sheikh Yassin.

Here is an excerpt from the story:
"Without thinking, Ahmed took his M16 machine-gun and threw the bombs, and he showered the Jews; this resulted in the killing of the soldiers," the boy's text reads. "Salah said: 'You killed them all.' Ahmed answered: 'Praise be to God.'"
I am happy the two teachers have been suspended. Had not the Ottawa Citizen gone to the principle, nothing might have happened. This begs the questions - how many students, at other schools, are writing similar essays?