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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hey, if only you were a terrorist...

I cry when I hear stories like these...particularly when I hear about so many suspected terrorists being allowed into Canada and the UK.
A homosexual asylum seeker shot himself in the head at a children's play centre after his appeal to remain in the UK was rejected, an inquest heard yesterday.

A car park attendant at Fort Fun on the seafront at Eastbourne found Hussein Nasseri, 26, in the front passenger seat of a car with a .22 rifle between his legs, the barrel resting on his chest.

Inside the car were papers showing that the Iranian's appeal to remain in the UK had been rejected two weeks before his death last June.

The inquest at Eastbourne was told that Mr Nasseri had fled Iran five years ago after claiming that he had been jailed for three months for being homosexual. He told the authorities that he had been persecuted and would face execution if caught because he had escaped from custody in Iran.

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