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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

More claptrap from the CBC...

Here's more junk from the CBC on so-called 'gender equity' in the workplace.
The advancement of women up the Canadian corporate ladder remains "disturbingly slow," according to a study of the country's executive and management offices.

The study, by Catalyst Canada, found that 14.4 per cent of corporate officer positions in the Financial Post 500 list of companies were held by women. That's a rise of just 0.4 percentage points from the last survey, done in 2002.

In the ranks of the most senior corporate officers, women held 7.1 per cent of the positions, up from 6.7 per cent in 2002.
How about some analysis on hours worked compared to men, experience on the job, etc. The plain fact of the matter is that moving from 6.7% to 7.1% is a gain of over 5%. Shouldn't we know how that compares by year? Is their progress accelerating or decelerating? Any other views to consider here?

But, here's the kicker from the CBC. It's about thought.
Black also said there's plenty of evidence to show that women in the executive offices also helps the bottom line.

"There's an abundance of research that demonstrates diverse groups make better decisions," she told CBC Business News.

"There is no doubt gender diversity makes a difference at the top."
And, the evidence for this? Well, sorry..not enough room or time. I think diversity of thought is probably far more important than diversity of ethnicity or sex. Couldn't the CBC show at least some skepticism here???