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Thursday, May 19, 2005

East Antarctic ice sheet growing...

Another tidbit of information that goes against global warming...
The study, described in the journal Science by scientists from the Desert Research Institute and Universities of Missouri and Arizona in America, and Edward Hanna at the University of Sheffield, used satellite measurements to assess the thickness of ice from 1992-2003.

They also used weather forecast models and ice core data to study trends in snowfall during the same period.

Dr Hanna said: "We found that, while the west Antarctic ice sheet was thickening in places and thinning in others, the east Antarctic ice sheet showed significant thickening in many areas, specifically towards the centre.

"This thickening correlated very well with the snowfall modelling, showing that the increased snowfall is causing the ice sheet to grow in mass. We estimate that the ice sheet is holding an extra 45 billion tons of water each year, the equivalent of a sea level drop of 0.12mm a year.
Our knowledge of climate is very incomplete. By the way, the thinning of the snowcap at Mount Kilamanjaro is due to decreased rainfall, and not global warming.