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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Petty anti-americanism at the BBC...

No secret - the BBC is incredibly biased against the US.
In a truly amazing display of anti-Americanism and bias, presenters of BBC Radio Scotland's "Off the Ball" football coverage are heard denigrating the US Senators who recently questioned George Galloway and at one point referred to them as "American twats".

The presenters were all over themselves sucking up to Galloway. They even tried to show how it was impossible for Galloway to have taken millions of barrels of oil from Saddam. Repeatedly asking him where he could store all those millions of barrels. Galloway responding by saying he would be the richest man in Britain if he had sold all those barrels at $25 a barrel.

What these idiots failed to grasp is that Galloway is not charged with taking possession of the barrels or getting the entire price for selling each barrel. He is charged with receiving vouchers for the oil which entitled him to a fraction of the price of each barrel.
You can listen to the show here.