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Monday, October 31, 2005

Holocaust denial in norwegian...

Good news for Norwegians - you can get your holocaust denial in norwegian rather than in english.
A growing number of young Norwegians doubt the truth of the Holocaust after a website has begun translating neo-Nazi propaganda.

"We are contacted by desperate parents and teachers who find that children and adolescents deny the Holocaust after having read Nazi propaganda from (Norwegian neo-Nazi group) Vigrid on the Internet," Henrik Kunde, information leader and researcher at the Anti-racist center, told newspaper Dagsavisen.

Vigrid and their leader Tore W. Tvedt try to convince readers that the killing of millions of Jews by the Germans during the second world war is a bluff, and the presentation of arguments in Norwegian is something new.

"There is a great deal of Holocaust denial literature on the Internet, but until recent this was in English and so less accessible for the young. By translating some of this to Norwegian it seems that Vigrid has found its niche," Lunde told the newspaper.


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