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Monday, October 31, 2005

Think please....before we act...

I support immigration into Canada, but couldn't we think a bit first, before we drastically increase the number of immigrants?
Canada will open its doors to up to 255,000 immigrants next year, the federal government will announce today.

But what the government won't announce is its plan to dramatically boost immigration levels by an additional 100,000 newcomers a year. Under that strategy, first floated last month, Canada would accept 320,000 immigrants a year, an increase meant to counteract a declining birthrate and aging population.

The department had been hoping to use today's target announcement to unveil its ambitious multi-year plan to ramp up immigration levels. But the proposal still hasn't received cabinet approval, signalling that there is some resistance to the scheme within government.

"It's still under discussion for the minister and his cabinet colleagues," said Stephen Heckbert, spokesperson for Immigration Minister Joe Volpe.
I'd like to know more about which immigrant groups do well in Canada, and which do poorly. There's no shortage of people who want to come here, so let's attract the people we need, and the people who most have the chance of success.


Blogger Mitch said...

Encouraging immigratants that we need and have the best means of success is not how this government works. They need more wards of the state - that will become reliable Liberal voters. That is how immigration policy works unfortunately.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

One thing I don't understand, we have a homeless problem here in Toronto, where are all these immigrants going to live??
Or is the Govt going to put them up in motels as it does with refugees seeking asylum, while leaving the Canadian homeless on the streets.

3:55 PM  

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