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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Throw them in jail...

Greenpeace is just despicable.
He is an abrasive former boxer and seaman, who famously punched a protester while on the campaign trail. They are vegetarian environmentalists who believe they can save the planet by handing out energy-efficient light-bulbs.

One of the two camps will this week face serious charges relating to abuse and threats under the Public Order Act - and it will not be John Prescott.

In what could prove to be the legal showdown of the season, eight Greenpeace activists are to be tried on charges of threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour after clambering past faux Gothic turrets and on to the roof of the Deputy Prime Minister's house on the outskirts of Hull.

The trial of the activists, who mounted a dawn raid on Prescott Towers and placed solar panels on the roof in April, will feature a rare public appearance by Mrs Prescott on Tuesday.

Mrs Prescott is expected to testify that the arrival of the protesters on their roof caused distress, not only to her but to the armed bodyguards posted at the home.

The environmentalists, who scaled the walls in orange boiler suits and handed out eco light-bulbs before erecting solar panels, are expected to argue that they had no intention of intimidating Mrs Prescott. They will point out they introduced themselves as Greenpeace activists with a polite letter.

Greenpeace believes the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service to pursue them in court for a peaceful protest, on a charge that carries a prison term, is excessively harsh. "Greenpeace gave John Prescott a free gift of some solar panels so he can practise what he preaches and 'do his bit' to tackle global warming," a Greenpeace spokesman said. "Being taken to court for it seems a rather over-the-top response."

But Mr Prescott, who was not at home at the time of the protest - but whom Greenpeace would like to summon to give evidence nevertheless - is clearly furious. "My wife was on her own in the house and there were 30 of them on the roof. What the Greenpeace people did was deplorable. It was 5am. It was very frightening for my wife and that really does annoy me. She felt it was infringement," he told one newspaper.


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