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Monday, October 31, 2005

Our policies on natives needs to be changed...

Kudos to the National Post for finally offering some common sense on how to deal with native policy.
The answer, as politically incorrect as it may be, is to encourage natives to consider leaving their reserves and move to places where they can get real jobs, and their children can get a real education. While every aboriginal should be free to stay on-reserve if he or she has the means to support such a lifestyle, the overall goal should be to integrate natives and let them share in the bounty of our modern economy rather than relegating them to our hinterland, out of sight, out of mind.

We are happy that hundreds of families are being flown out of Kashechewan to get the medical treatment they deserve in modern cities. But these people would have brighter futures if their trips were one-way.
But, read the whole thing...


Blogger Steve said...

oooh, but that is so "racist" and "ethnocentric" to suggest the Natives should leave the reserves and work.

3:56 PM  

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