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Monday, November 21, 2005

Another cry-baby province

And, why not, given that the Government gave a sweetheart deal to Newfoundland.
Saskatchewan is getting anything but a "big fat zero" from Ottawa, and shouldn't expect a new energy revenue deal any time soon, suggests federal Finance Minister Ralph Goodale.

Premier Lorne Calvert, tired of waiting for an energy accord similar to the one the Paul Martin government struck months ago with Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, launched a "red flag" campaign last week to put pressure on the federal Liberals to act.

But instead of ordering Canadian flags taken down from provincial buildings, as Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams did to pressure Ottawa on a deal, Calvert asked Saskatchewan residents to "raise a flag" in support of his cause.
We need a serious review of equalization.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cry-babies? The next time you're looking for support for your particular cause, maybe we in Newfoundland will just shrug it off as more "crybaby" posturing.

Newfoundland fought for what already belonged to it. The federal government seemed to think it could keep us in indentured slavery and we fought like hell to keep what was ours. If that makes me a crybaby than I hope I'm the biggest of them all.

9:13 AM  

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