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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Yes, indeed....more negotiations...

The Europeans never tire of negotiating. They'll probably negotiate right up to the day when Iran announces it has a nuclear weapon.
Britain, France and Germany agreed on Sunday to hold talks with Iran on resuming negotiations which broke down in August about the country's disputed nuclear programme, a spokesman said.

"I can confirm that a letter has been written by the three foreign ministers offering to have talks about restarting the negotiations on the nuclear issue," a spokesman for Prime Minister Tony Blair said in Barcelona, where Blair was attending a Euro-Mediterranean summit.

Earlier Iran's official IRNA news agency said ambassadors of the so-called EU3 countries handed over a letter accepting a resumption of the talks in December, quoting a statement issued by Iran's Supreme National Security Council.

However, an EU official in Barcelona, Spain, said the Europeans had only agreed to exploratory talks to see whether there were grounds for resuming formal negotiations.
In the meantime, what exactly has happened to the Russian compromise?


Blogger Jarrett said...

Don't be silly. They'll negotiate after Iran's used the nuclear weapon!

1:26 PM  

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