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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hurray for Sweden....

Sweden has stepped up to do what is right....what about Canada?
The Swedish parliament will cut all bilateral ties with Iran in a show of solidarity with Israel, it was reported today.

Swedish ambassador to Tel Aviv, Robert Rydberg, confirmed a report by the Jerusalem Post.

But the decision by Swedish parliament speaker Bjorn Van Sydow to break bilateral ties is one of the strongest moves yet.

“Although being restricted by constitutional limitations to act in matters of foreign policies, I can assure you that I will use every opportunity I have to condemn such statements,” he wrote.

“I have made sure that we cease all bilateral contacts with the Iranian parliament. I am willing to defend the rights of Israel to exist as strongly as I defend the rights of my own country to exist,” he added.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comments by Iran's president are completely disgusting.

Canada should take similar actions to Sweden, and more harsh actions if possible. We should attempt to have Iran immediately removed from the United Nations.

9:10 PM  

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