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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I love it when greens fight...

She's right, the seal hunt is necessary.
A Green party candidate has withdrawn from the federal race in Labrador riding because her party wants to eliminate the seal hunt.

The party had nominated Jane McGillivray, a Happy Valley-Goose Bay medical doctor and environmentalist.

But McGillivray, who was only in the race for the Jan. 23 election for two weeks, has the left the campaign, saying a ban on the seal hunt would be unfair to people on Canada's East Coast.
"The party needs to mature in such as way that it reflects the fact that there are regional differences," she said.

"I don't see the Green party standing up and banning feed lots in southern Ontario, which are clearly contributing to all sorts of greenhouse gases and in fact are very inhumane in terms of the way pigs are treated and cows are treated."
I really like the fact that the Green's are going free market (which has left a lot of Greens unhappy), but they still have lots of loony policies.


Blogger Jarrett said...

I just like the fact they've got Green Party members coming out in favour of clubbing baby seals to death. For a party that's filled with Red Tories, it's just... deliciously funny!

It warms my cold, black, evil conservative heart.

All we need now is a plan to pave some sensitive ecological preserve and build a gigantic monument to capitalism in its place :)

2:28 AM  
Blogger eugene plawiuk said...

Hey Jarret the monument to capitalism has already been built its called Wall Street.

As for the Greens and the seal hunt check out my article in defense of sealing and against Green Opportunism from a left perspective.
Not all of us are vegan dietary moralists.
Green Opportunism: The Anti-Sealing Lobby

2:32 AM  

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