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Saturday, January 28, 2006

An interview with Hamas...

We now have two regimes dedicated to the destruction of Israel - Iran and the Palestinian Authority.
Sa'id Ghazali a Palestinian journalist in Jerusalem put a series of questions to Yasser Mansour, a spokesman for Hamas in Nablus, to see if the world could expect any more miracles.

Can Hamas convince Europe and the US to pay 58,000 Palestinian security people and 70,000 civil servants?

If Europe and the US refuse to pay, then Hamas will seek financial assistance from the Arab and Islamic world. Hamas has its own resources.

Will Hamas be committed to all the accords that former Palestinian governments signed with Israel?

No, Hamas does not recognise the Oslo accords and the other accords, including the Road Map.

Will Hamas dismantle the Al-Aqsa martyrs brigades and Islamic Jihad, and incorporate its own military wing, the Ezzeddin al Qassam brigades, into the security forces?

Hamas will form a national army, comprised of all these military wings.

Will Hamas order the PA security forces to fight the Israeli army when it raids Palestinian cities and villages?

We have not reached this situation. We should consult with other PLO factions. We will make a decision later.

How will Hamas secure the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails?

The release will be a pre-condition for renewing the truce with Israel.

Can Hamas form a coalition?

Hamas will try to make a coalition government with Fatah. If this is not possible, it will make a coalition with other PLO factions and then with independents.

Will Hamas recognise Israel?

No, we cannot recognise Israel. We cannot recognise the occupation. We are prepared to make a long term truce, based on full withdrawal to 1967 borders.


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