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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Why I limited blogging during the election....

As you might know, I worked for Keith Fountain, Cosnervative Candidate in Ottawa-Centre as his media and communications manager. Unfortunately, Keith did not win - but he did improve the Conservative vote from the last election, while the Liberal and the NDP vote both declined.

Anyways, in early January, I received a call from CBC Television. Seems that they had received a complain about my blog - and in particular, about my posting about Kwanzaa on December 30th. People were complaining that my post was racist.

I had a long talk with the reporter from the CBC. He personally thought there was nothing to the complaint, but he was told to investigate. Clearly, somebody from the Liberals or the NDP had called the CBC.

Fortunately, they decided that there was no story.....but, I decided to limit my blogging until the election was over. The last thing I wanted to do was to potentially hurt Keith - no matter how trumped up the charge.


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