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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mugabe plans to print more money....

This should help solve his 613% inflation rate.
PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe said yesterday his Government would print money as Zimbabwe's deepening economic crisis drove inflation to the highest levels in the world and unemployment climbed over 70per cent.

In a 90-minute interview with Zimbabwe state television to mark his birthday, Mr Mugabe branded African leaders cowards for not standing up to Western powers over Zimbabwe, and said outsiders must not interfere as there was no crisis requiring intervention.

Critics accuse Mr Mugabe, who turns 82 today, of plunging the southern African state -- which he has ruled since independence from Britain in 1980 -- into a severe political and economic crisis in the past six years with a raft of controversial policies.

Mr Mugabe said his Government would print money to help it ride out its economic problems -- including food, fuel and foreign currency shortages and a 613per cent inflation rate, which he blames on Western sanctions and intermittent droughts.

"Those who say printing money will cause inflation are suggesting that you just fold your hands and say, 'Ah, let the situation continue and let the people starve'," he said.


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