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Monday, March 13, 2006

Have a look at the Islamic chaplain for NY Jails...

New York is not the only place where this is going on....
According to the current director of Islamic chaplains in the New York City Department of Corrections, the "greatest terrorists in the world occupy the White House," Jews control the media, and Muslims are being tortured in Manhattan jails. Those statements were made by Umar Abdul-Jalil, 56, the executive director of ministerial services for the NYC Department of Correction in two separate speeches he made on or about 15-16 April 2005 at a symposium sponsored by the Muslim Students Association in Tucson, Arizona. Abdul-Jalil is also imam of the Masjid Sabur mosque in Harlem. The speech was covertly recorded by operatives from Steve Emerson’s the Investigative Project.

About the Bush administration, Abdul-Jalil stated: “We know that the greatest terrorists in the world occupy the White House, without a doubt.”

Also in his speech, Abdul Jalil also appeared to promote action against Jews and non-Muslims, stating: "the Zionists of the media to dictate what Islam is to us" and said Muslims must be "compassionate with each other" and "hard against the kufr [unbeliever]."


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