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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Israeli flags burned at Liberation Day March in Italy...

This is really a horrible, disgusting act.
The Vatican newspaper on Wednesday called the trampling and burning of Israeli flags during a march in Milan a "disgusting" offense to all Jews.

In a news article about the march, the L'Osservatore Romano newspaper called the anti-Israel protests a "serious and disgusting offense."

"To offend a flag means to offend the people for whom it is a symbol, and therefore in this case it was an offense to the entire Jewish people, precisely on the day in which we celebrate liberation from their infamous oppressors," L'Osservatore wrote.

Earlier on Wednesday,the Israeli ambassador to Italy condemned as "barbarous" the anti-Israeli demonstrations held "As a Jew and an Israeli, I was filled with shame and anger at the sight of the barbarous behavior of the 'fascists' who defiled the sanctity of the Liberation Day holiday," Ambassador Ehud Gol said in a statement.

The protests occurred near a march Tuesday commemorating the 61st anniversary of Italy's liberation from fascism. Demonstrators trampled and burned Israeli flags and yelled "Intifada" in support of the Palestinian uprising, according to media reports.

The protesters reportedly were angered by the presence in the march of Israeli flags in honor of members of the Jewish Infantry Brigade Group, which helped liberate Italy.

Demonstrators near the Liberation Day commemorative march trampled and burned Israeli flags and yelled "Intifada," in support of the Palestinian uprising, according to media reports.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure once the illegal occupation has ended and the US stops interfering destructively in the affairs of the Middle East, this type of thing will abate.

...and who on Earth will the Right have to target then for its bile and hatred? Oh right...the old stand-by. Us queers.

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Anonymous Anne said...

My son just got his first globe and couldn't find Israel. I pointed to it and he wondered how any country could be so tiny. He has a point: there is nothing beyond a hatred of Jews that drives any group to want to wipe out Israel. How anyone can sympathize with a call for genocide is beyond me, no matter whether you consider Israel's approach to defending itself against the Palestinians appropriate or not.

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