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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Susan Riley admists no need to "take back the streets"...

Susan Riley of the Ottawa Citizen is one politically-correct journalist who never fails to see women as victims. In today's paper, she rails against Stephen Harper's crackdown on crime.
Another familiar Conservative vow -- a crackdown on crime -- is based on the contentious claim that "our safe streets and healthy communities are increasingly under threat of gun, gang and drug violence." In fact, rates of violent crime have been declining over decades, with an uptick only in 2004. Nor does another common kind of violence -- the kind that claimed a Cumberland woman and her three children this week -- seem to figure in Tory anti-crime rhetoric. This is despite stats showing more women are far more likely to be hurt by an itimate partner, than caught in crossfire between duelling drug gangs.
It seems that she is admitting that our streets are indeed safe for women, and that there is no need to have those so-called "take back the strets" marches. And that is indeed true - men are far more likely to be the victims of violent crimes on our streets than women. It is men who face more danger out in the street.


Blogger jw said...

Feminists very strongly object to doing this, so:

Using 2004 murder data:

43 murdered females
464 murdered males

Use the police data parsing set (remove those murdered as a byproduct of their own involvement with crime):

22 innocent females murdered
145 innocent males murdered

Who has the greater need?

The feminists say that if ONE female is murdered she has the greater right to care, kindness and service.

(Note, uses the 0.5 & 0.312 assumptions for innocence)

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