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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hamas-Fatah Deal is Useless....

You'll hear a lot from the press on this so-called breakthrough, but:
Rival Palestinian political factions Fatah and Hamas have reached agreement on a common political strategy to try to end a damaging power struggle.

However, Hamas negotiators have denied earlier reports that the deal meant the militants would implicitly recognise Israel - a major policy shift.

The full text of the accord has not yet been released. A Hamas minister said it did not have "one word" on the issue.

Palestinian minister Abdel Rahman Zeidan told the BBC the Hamas-Fatah document did not in any way recognise the state of Israel.

"There is no agreement between the Palestinians on specifically this phrase. You will not find one word in the document clearly stating the recognition of Israel as a state. Nobody has agreed to this. This was not on the table. This was not in the dialogue," he said.
I'm not surprised - there is simply no way that Hamas will ever recognize Israel. Their charter/mission is clear - the total destruction of Israel...but when will the press ever really understand?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neither group has any credibility whatsoever. Who cares. Not newsworthy.

8:45 PM  

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