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Friday, January 12, 2007

If Bush is wrong....then what is the alternative?

Peggy Noonan noticed that the Democrats seem more concerned about how they dress, than presenting an alternative plan on Iraq....
When Nancy Pelosi showed up at the White House Wednesday to talk with the president it was obvious she'd spent a lot of time thinking about . . . what to wear. She wrapped herself in a rich red shawl. Dick Morris said it looked like a straitjacket. I thought she looked like a particularly colorful mummy. She complained that the president had not asked for her input as he put together his plan. He should have. But what would she have brought to the table if she'd been asked to it? It is still--still!--unclear.

The other night after the speech, Rahm Emanuel, on PBS, was pressed for what he would have the president do. He blinked as if the question were a diversion. He was there to say Bush is Bad. Why bother with what might be good?

Right now, in the deepest levels of the American government, intelligence and military planners should be ordered to draw up serious plans for an American withdrawal, and serious strategies for dealing with the realities withdrawal will bring. It would not be the worst thing if the Maliki government knew those plans were being drawn up. It might concentrate the mind.

What is paramount is a hard, cold-eyed and even brutal look at America's interests. We have them. I'm not sure they've been given sufficient attention the past few years. In fact, I am sorry to say I believe they have not.


Blogger Greg said...

Um, don't invade in the first place. That was the only viable alternative and you guys laughed at it. Get it straight, there are now no good alternatives now. Don't go looking to the Dems for some, they just don't exist. Your choices come down to, stay and feed your children into a meat grinder or go and accept the consequences for Bush's stupidity. That's it.

1:47 PM  
Blogger M@ said...

I'm afraid I don't understand your point. It sounds like Peggy Noonan is more concerned about how the Democrats dress than about their presenting an alternative plan on Iraq. If her criticism is to be taken at face value, it would seem that the Democrats are not taking great care with their dress at all.

Then again, Noonan still thinks Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 attacks. I'm not about to take much of what she says very seriously at all.

3:58 PM  
Blogger Jesse said...

Talk about ad Hominem... :(

5:47 PM  

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