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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Animal Rights Terrorists get to Wolfgang Puck...

What a shame that he's giving in....
Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is cooking up kinder, gentler menus.

As part of a new initiative to fight animal cruelty, Puck said Thursday he will no longer serve foie gras, the fatty liver produced by overfeeding ducks and geese.

His 14 fine-dining restaurants, more than 80 fast-casual eateries and 43 catering venues will use only eggs from hens that have lived cage-free; veal from roaming calves; and lobsters that have been removed from their ocean traps quickly to avoid crowded holding tanks.

Puck said guests at his restaurants want to know their food is made with fresh, organic ingredients and that the animals were treated well.

"We want a better standard for living creatures. It's as simple as that," Puck said.

The move came after three years of protests by Farm Sanctuary, an animal-rights group that launched — relabeled Wolfgang Puck Victory as of Thursday — and organized a leafletting campaign outside Puck's restaurants.


Anonymous Sandy said...

It so surprising that it happens that way but I guess they have a reason as well. I think they should settle it so they could solve the issue.

12:06 AM  

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