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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Moderate Muslims under Threat in Canada....

Will other muslim groups come to their defense?
A moderate Muslim group that called for a separation of religion and state in a recent documentary has received a pointed death threat.

The Muslim Canadian Congress received the message Tuesday morning. It was left on the Toronto telephone of secretary general Munir Pervaiz.

"I swear on 99 names of Allah, if you don't cease from your campaign of smearing Islam … I will slaughter you," the unidentified caller said.

Toronto police and its hate-crime unit are investigating.

The message was addressed to congress president Farzana Hassan and founder Tarek Fatah, and mentioned Allah's name three times in a row.

"It is scary," Pervaiz told CBC News on Wednesday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to CAIR it is Canadians that are under a Financial Terrorism threat by the usual Human Rights NGO's that conspire to fabricate an Injustice so the Media will print it , then that big LIE is repeated enough to seem true , next comes the demand for an Inquiry that has limits on what it can reseach , then comes the Out-Of-Court settlement to avoid massive Legal bills and bad Press
as a oppressor of the underdogs .

Just listen to the audio portion of this YouTube clip about Maher Arar , and based on Arar's statement to the media in 2003 which is still posted in the CBC archives , he either lied then or is spewing lies now .

I followed the CPAC video of the Inquiry and read hundreds of pages from the Inquiry Website which detail how the Arar's ended up in Tunisia after selling their home and fleeing canada to live with Monia's Family , Maher was still a Syrian and wanted as a Draft-Dodger who fled to canada to avoid mantatory service.
Maher rushed to get a handgun permit which he kept from 1992-1997
but never renewed because he was applying for Citizenship in Canada and had got married to help his case , Arar listed a address in Canada and Boston near the Airport , he mixed with Muslims the FBI was watching based on information for a radical Mosque with Jihadist ties .

As for his assertion that he was
illegally snatched from JFK and flown to Syria as part of a Torture agreement with te USA , Please...Please ...Please read the original LawSuit Arar filed against JORDAN which is linked below.
Arar details how Jordan and Syria are to blame for his harm and nowhere does it refer to Canada or the USA being libel in the $31'000'000.00 dollar Suit for damages dated November 2003 , when it was rejected we saw CAIR and Arar turn their wrath on Canadians to force an Inquiry by launching a $400'000'000.00 dollar LawSuit
that worked , except after the Inquiry O'Connor stated that no evidence proved that the USA solely relied on Canadian Intelligence for removing Arar from the USA as a alleged supporter of Al-Qaeda .
Arar's lawyer played us for fools and used the B.S. Poker tactic to lower Arar's demands to about $37'000'000.00 once the report exposed Jordan/Syria/USA as the main guilty parties , then Jack Layton used Parliament to demand a quick settlement for Arar
and low and behold the threat of a $400 million dollar LawSuit end up getting Arar $12 million just from the fear of massive legal bills
for the Government to take this to a Trial and appear Anti-Muslim and Racist.
I would think that the Inquiry would prove Maher's case and give credit to the $400 million dollar claim , but no , the $12 million was tax-free as a un-earned income which is like $25 million before Income tax.

Maher himself stated in 2003 that he was removed to Jordan and not Syria , and now CAIR admits to terrorism ties to Hamas and supporting Terrorism in general because 4 of thier members are now in Federal Prisons on terror Conviction and Immigration scams.
CAIR recently attacked Irshad Manji and Tarek Fatah as anti-Muslims which are Apostates under Sharia law and to be punished by death , so it's pretty rich for CAIR to now assert they condemn
the Death threats against the MCC and Tarek Fatah as un-Islamic when CAIR used Sharia law and the Quran to label him anti-Muslim and a enemy of Allah.

1:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can lead a Muslim to civilization, but you can't make him think.

Muslims should be encouraged to go back to the uncivilized countries they came from.

1:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can lead a Muslim to civilization, but you can't make him think.

Muslims should be encouraged to go back to the uncivilized countries they came from.

I beg to differ - one of my closest friends is a Muslim woman. She accepts the fact that I myself am agnostic, and has actually been a great deal less obnoxious about my lack of any religion than many people of other religions I've met. She is an Oxford-educated writer, and one of the most kind and intelligent people I know.

While there are extremists out there, I refuse to believe that all people of Muslim faith out there are ignorant, extremist bigots - my friend stands in opposition to all that, and let me tell you, she is every bit as offended and enraged by the events of recent years as the rest of us.

As a final note, do you, sir or madam, honestly believe yourself to be any better than those extremists you so despise? From what I can tell, you're every bit as willing to paint everyone of a given group with the same brush and act with prejudice and discrimination against them. I know from observation of those in my community that the line between "They should all go back where they belong" and violence is a very thin one. How long before you step over, I wonder?

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A tiny handful of actual moderate Muslims in Canada does not outweigh the fact that according to a recent public opinion poll published by the CBC - tens of thousands of Muslims in Canada support violence and extremism.

That's a lot of support out of a population of 700,000. The savages should be encouraged to emigrate to the uncivilized world where they would be happier.

12:49 AM  

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