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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Climate change on Neptune...

We've written previously on climate change on Mars, Jupiter, Pluto....and now we can add Neptune to the list.
Long-term photometric measurements of Neptune show variations of brightness over half a century. Seasonal change in Neptune's atmosphere may partially explain a general rise in the long-term light curve, but cannot explain its detailed variations. This leads us to consider the possibility of solar-driven changes, i.e., changes incurred by innate solar variability perhaps coupled with changing seasonal insolation. Although correlations between Neptune's brightness and Earth's temperature anomaly—and between Neptune and two models of solar variability—are visually compelling, at this time they are not statistically significant due to the limited degrees of freedom of the various time series. Nevertheless, the striking similarity of the temporal patterns of variation should not be ignored simply because of low formal statistical significance. If changing brightnesses and temperatures of two different planets are correlated, then some planetary climate changes may be due to variations in the solar system environment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched a short video on Utube
where a Greenpeace vegan tried to argue with a actual Professor that majored in the Sciences of Astronomy and Climate related effects from the Ozone,water,clouds,plants,and CO2 .

I had to laugh when the vegan was backed into a corner with Scientific facts about Solar flares and how Earth has been cooling since 1998 which I researched and the Solar cycles confirmed this by weaker flares and a drop from 300+ to 150+ around 1999 , so low and behold the vegan tries to claim the snow in October in Buffalo and recently in many US States is proof of climate change.

But that wasn't the debate, it was Global Warming ,stupid .
Finally the ultimate irony, the Prof. points out the Solar flares are evidence and that almost 40 water-based censors were shut down for good and all new readings are flawed if applied to Computer Models set-up to Forcast weather from Historical data , and the response from Greenpeace was that the Sun creates 300 year cycles and the Science hasn't been around long enough to accurately record Earths weather changes. if the Scientists who debate the GHG and Human causes for Global Warming have no credibility simply from flawed historic records, then what evidence does the GHG/G-warming proponents have who rely on the exact Science.

Keep in mind folks that Al Gore's movie needing pictures and big coloured charts while he talked slowly to his audience and only used information and experts he agreed with.

3:56 PM  

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