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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rabbi attacked in Paris...

This wouldn't happen if we wore a burka...
The Rabbinical Center of Europe has strongly condemned the attack in Paris against a French rabbi and expressed its concern about increasing anti-Semitic violence in Europe.

The Brussels-based centre reacted after Rabbi Elie Dahan, the rabbi of the Jewish community in northern France, was attacked Thursday morning while he was walking at the Paris north station.

The 45-year-old Dahan was insulted and knocked in the face by his assailant, a 20-year-old Black man from the French Antilles, who ran away.

“I arrived in Paris from Lille for personal matters. I was walking at around 11 am in the station when the man, who was accompanied by a woman, turned at me and shouted: dirty Jew, you are looking at me. I will knock you dirty Jew,” the rabbi declared.

While Dahan was trying to calm the situation, he was knocked in the back and in the face.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop me if you have heard this joke already.

Don't tell me.....the Islamic body in France denounced the attack as Un-Islamic and hoped Muslims would be scapegoated and suffer "Backlash" because of the actions of a few.

How odd , the 9/11 slaughter by Muslims was exactly that, 19 Jihadists wanting to murder Civilians from over 60 nations that worked in the WTC complex .
Hamas suicide bombers slaughter Arabs,Muslim,Christians,kids , seniors,females,babies,palestinians,students,low-income workers and anyone else that happens to be on the Bus or in the Coffee Shop when the hit the switch.

Backlash and Islamophobia are the new catchwords for the Media to inflict a Psychological terrorism on non-Muslims to not defend Canada or the USA because you'll be Sued or charge with a Hate-Crime as a Racist bigot that hate islam and Muslims.

The slaughter is what happens from a passive mind set
to negotiate with killers bent on suicide after they murdered people, it started in Montreal with Canada's first Jihad by Gamil Gharbi who hated canada for its Liberties and Educating females to take jobs from Muslim men, he entered a classroom and gave the men a chance to leave , and they did.
The rest is history , males have been feminized and even if they join the Army they are mocked as idiots being tricked into defending the Wealthy White in power.
I expect the next step will be to reduce the Police force numbers and have a Crime-tax to cover the damages since it was Society that created the thug , next robots will be created to fight fires because it's too dangerous for females and unfair if she's a single mom that could die in the fire , a Transit-Tax will pay for automated trains and Station costs since the TTC will be free and any crimes or injuries to passengers will come from the Crime-Tax because it's a Social issue that created the thug.
All the layed-off workers will be on full pension with full benefits and can give that pension to and surviving spouse that can re-marry to a younger spouse and give then the pension as a surviving spouse who can do the same because the Charter Of Rights said so , people will take theirown garbage to Depots but still pay a garbage-tax to despose it and not remove it from your lawn like we do now.

Think about this folks, while Miller harped over all the Old Buses that needed replacing 10 years ago and are near the end , the TTC Union demanded that $30 million be spent on Video cameras on Buses to protect the drivers.
Very slowly TTC workers will be pensioned off to reduce staff but taxes will be needed to pay for all the retired people that weren't replaced by new employees.

WW2 started around 1932 when Japan attacked Manchuria , but today kids are tricked into thinking it started in 1941 when the Great Satan used Backlash against all of Japan for the action of a few who slaughter 2500 people at Pearl Harbour with no warning at all.

Put this headline in a scrapbook , it may end up being the punch that was heard all the way to Mecca when the real Backlash comes from the westerners who are fed up with suicide bombers and beheadings for Allah.

5:16 PM  

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