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Monday, May 07, 2007

What;s next? Busing?

This story is from the UK....
Schools with mainly white pupils will be forced to send their children to mix with other races and religions.

A legal duty for schools to promote community relations comes into force in September.

Government guidelines to help them comply could require staff to take children on visits to multi-ethnic schools, stage joint plays and sporting events or twin with other schools.

Ministers said some suburban teenagers had never met a Muslim or Hindu and needed more contact.

Ofsted, the schools watchdog, will be given the power to force schools to comply. Those who do not risk being consigned to a failing list.


Anonymous Bob in Ontario said...

I wonder how this might be applied in Northern Ireland.

1:11 AM  
Blogger Suricou Raven said...

About time.

In order to win various minority votes, the government in the UK has been strongly pushing religiously-segregated schools. Although the majority of the population is opposed to this idea, that majority is not a one-issue body, while those in favour often are.

Combined with a tendency for minority communities to self-segregate, this has lead to a lot of schools with very little ethnic diversity, and less religious diversity.

This is still approaching the problem from the wrong angle - it seems to consider that all-white schools are the only problem, while ignoring the all-black or all-asian or all-arab and all the other such schools. But if the all-white schools have to pair with those, it will still do some good.

Now, if the government would only abolish public funding for religious schools...

6:22 AM  

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