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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Animal Rights Terrorists Strike in the UK...

Is this going to a regular occurence???

Thousands of tubes and bottles of Savlon have been taken off shelves after animal rights activists claimed to have poisoned them.

High street shops, including Boots and Superdrug, acted after a hardline group claimed to have tampered with more than 250 items containing the antiseptic.

The Animal Rights Militia did not say how they had been damaged but it recently claimed to have injected bleach into products in France.

Tesco said it had temporarily withdrawn Savlon and would be working closely with police before it was put back on sale.

The extremists said they had also targeted "other well-known stores" as part of a continuing campaign against the animal testing laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences.

An internet message said they chose Savlon because its Swiss-based manufacturer, Novartis, is believed to be among the clients of HLS.

The message warned: "We don't want to kill living beings but the side-effects and the inevitable hospital stay will give people an idea of what Novartis pays for inside Huntingdon Life Sciences."


Blogger Brian in Calgary said...

I better not wear my new leather jacket to the UK, at least not until I get a can of mace or bear spray.

3:25 PM  

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